Welcome to ETTiNGRiNDER's Fortress

The grim stone walls stand tall and strong before you, crowned with gargoyles whose hollow eyes seem ever watchful.  As you approach, the portcullis slowly opens with an ominous creak, revealing the gloom beyond.  Within lies the domain of ETTiNGRiNDER.


21 Aug. 2014

I've posted one of the "big things" mentioned in the previous news post: check out EGwhaven, a project to bugfix and enhance the Witchaven II source code.


16 Aug. 2014

Still working on site renovations.  Expect some big things soon.


12 Aug. 2014

I'm renovating the page again.


3 Jun. 2014

I experimented with using a slowdown utility with Witchaven II and feel more sure than ever that the game suffers from clock speed related issues.  See my notes on the Witchaven Bug Hunt page for updated troubleshooting advice.


3 May. 2014

Added Maximum Death to the treasury, and updated the H!Zone photo with a better quality one.  Also unearthed the proper command line parameter for map loading in Witchaven II, along with continuing bug cataloging efforts.


30 Apr. 2014

I've added Deathday and The Master Levels for Doom II to the treasury.


17 Apr. 2014

Updated the shovelware treasury with a new overview of The Ultimate Add On Collection for Doom / Doom II, as well as better photos for Magic & Mayhem and Total Ruin.


14 Apr. 2014

Added D!Zone 2 and Heresies to the shovelware treasury.


31 Jan. 2014

The strategy guides and mission pack that I have for Hexen II are now indexed in the Treasury.


27 Jan. 2014

Added two quests for Disciples: Sacred Lands, a re-release of Heart of Ice and a new release, Shining Isles.  Find them in the Map Vault.


1 Dec. 2013

Rearranged the site and adjusted links accordingly.


25 Oct. 2013

Added some information on Witchaven's bugs and glitches and an overview of the official Disciples: Sacred Lands strategy guide to the treasury.


6 Oct. 2013

Released a new vanilla Heretic map, Valley of Saints, available in the Map Vault. (idgames archival pending.)


20 Sep. 2013

Added vv's Heretic patch to the utilities.


25 Aug. 2013

The new site has been begun. 'tisn't pretty but it serves.